Patrick Soga

I'm a first-year PhD student at the University of Virginia's CS department currently advised by Prof. Jundong Li. My interests are broadly in machine learning on graphs and its applications. I am also interested in geometric deep learning and AI/ML for science.

Previously, I did my undergrad at the University of Notre Dame where I studied CS and philosophy of math/logic and worked under professors Nitesh Chawla and David Chiang.


Bridging Graph Position Encodings for Transformers with Weighted Graph-Walking Automata
Patrick Soga and David Chiang
TMLR, 2023. arXivcode
Deep Ensembles for Graphs with Higher-Order Dependencies
Steven Krieg, William Burgis, Patrick Soga, and Nitesh Chawla
ICLR, 2023. arXivcode

Work Experience

  • Lucy Family Institute for Data and Society

    6.2021 - 5.2022
    Software Developer
    Web + mobile apps for health data management
  • FloVision Solutions

    6.2021 - 3.2022
    Contracted Software Engineer
    Dashboards, deep vision models, and data pipelines
  • Million Marker

    2.2021 - 5.2021
    Software Engineering Intern
    OCR for labels
  • RJ Reliance

    12.2020 - 2.2021
    Software Development Intern
    Mock data generation and dashboards


  • University of Virginia

    8.2023 - present
    Ph.D. in Computer Science
    Working on AI/ML for graph-structured data
  • University of Notre Dame

    8.2018 - 12.2022
    B.S. in Computer Science, B.A. in Philosophy
    Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa